How will I find my ‘Tribe’? What kind of tribe should I look for?

Starting out with Tribe Writers

When asked to free write I wonder where it will lead me. I’ve started many courses, downloaded and printed tons of advice on what and when and where to write. To keep going when there seems to be no way to go, keep plodding though my feet won’t carry me any further, keep climbing, though my lungs can’t take in more air. Where do I go from here? What do I expect to get done? What do I hope to finish? What am I aiming at?

Do I have any aim? Or is it just a fix idea that I should write since I can write? Is it a fix idea that I must write my mother’s story, though no one has asked me to do it? What do I hope to achieve?

Do I have any answers to my own questions? No one else seems to be asking any questions. Would I rather paint, read; watch TV, meet friends, sleep?

What do I expect from this Tribe Writer’s course I am paying for in monthly installments? How will I find my ‘Tribe’? What kind of tribe should I look for? What do I want to share with them? What am I prepared to give them of myself and my time?

Walking through the jungle I see animals that are afraid of me. I see animals which run away. I see animals prepared to attack me if I get too close to them. What am I doing in the jungle? Should I be here at all? Is there a safe way out?

Climbing up a mountain path, my feet slip in the mud. I don’t like walking in the mud. I get stuck at times, slide and fall sometimes. Yet there is a place up in the mountain where I once met my childhood Friend. I wonder if he will meet me there again. Last time he had prepared a table for me in the cleft of a rock. Why is it I so seldom go to meet him? Even though I know he has the best possible gifts to share with and through me, I seldom seek him out. I think I ‘know it all’, though that is far from the truth.

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